Welcome to the controllers' section of the Oceanic Region.

If you require any further information that isn't included in the website, or need any specific help with any of the material, please contact our ATC Operations Co-ordinator, using the contact form.

Controller Guidelines

General guidelines for all controllers within the Oceanic Region.


Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures for all ATC positions within the Oceanic Region.

Standard Operating Procedures

Local Procedures

Aerodrome or Area Control specific procedures to supplement the Standard Operating Procedures

Australia's Local Procedures

New Nealand's Local Procedures

New Caledonia's Local Procedures

Papa New Guinea's Local Procedures

Controller Handy Sheets

A handy sheet to have when controlling at the following airports.

YSSY - Sydney, Australia

YMML - Melborne, Australia

YSCB - Canberra, Australia

YPAD - Adelaide, Australia

YPPH - Perth, Australia

Military Procedures

Military specific procedures to supplement the Standard Operating Procedures.

Military Procedures


A list of all Oceanic Region Airspace Control Frequencies.



Useful documents and guides to aid you with controlling.