BIZJET Tour 2018

BIZJET Tour 2018

BIZJET Tour 2018

Welcome to the Business Jet Tour 2018.


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BIZJET 2018 Legs

Please visit MoDA for the full list of legs.

BIZJET 2018 Tour Rules

  • Flights must be flown in real time mode (sim rate x1).
  • Legs must be flown online and with real weather.
  • Legs must be flown in the correct order.
  • After connecting and before disconnecting from the network, plane should be parked and not moving during, at least, 6 minutes.
  • Departure and landing time have to be reported in ZULU time.
  • Check your flight plan before connecting. Flight plans with wrong airports will not be accepted.
  • When flying over midnight, report the departure date.
  • Report the same callsing you used on the leg.
  • Reports of flights with date prior to 2 months might not be accepted.
  • A maximum disconnection of 20 minutes due technical problems is allowed. This fact have to be reported in the PIREP ‘remarks’ field.
  • Each leg will be checked by a validator and will be only accepted after this validation.
  • Maximum allowed speed below 10.000 feet (FL100) es 250KIAS, unless otherwise cleared or instructed by ATC, in which case it must be reported on the PIREP..
  • Pilots must respond to ATC calls and contact with the ATC positions when entering or flying through their airspace. If not under ATC control, pilots must monitor and advise of their intentions in UNICOM (122.800 MHz), as per IVAO Rules and Regulations.
  • Pilots must use an aircraft suitable for each tour, o as stated for each leg in it's description.
  • Flight plan must contain a valid alternate airport suitable for the aircraft in use. Using ZZZZ as alternate will not be valid. Flight Plan with Remark "RMK/XOBIZ18 LegXX" is MANDATORY !!!
  • Charts

    Australia Charts available via Air Services Australia

    New Zealand Charts available via the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority