Float Tour 2017

Float Tour 2017

Float Tour 2017

Welcome to the Float Tour 2017.
This tour will take you over parts of Australia and New Zeland where VFR Flying is essential.

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Float Tour 2017 Legs

Please visit MoDA for the full list of legs.

Float Tour 2017 Rules

Skew aircraft to nearest water (sea/lake/river or dam) is allowed.
Aircraft must overfly assigned airfield and land on nearest body of water.
All Legs to be flown online in Real Time using IVAO with VFR flight plan.
In uncontrolled airspace & airfields, intentions must be stated on Unicom using IVAP software.
Times Reported as Follows : Time Off = Take Off Time / Time In = Landing Time.
Pilots must disconnect 5 minutes between each leg.
Correct Flight Levels OddEven to be observed +500’ rule.
Max Ground Speed 160 knots. Max Altitude 3,500’ AGL
Reporting of Winds Aloft mandatory
Aircraft –FLOAT aircraft only Maximum Empty Weight 6,000 lbs.
Maximum 3 Legs per day.


Charts for Australia are available via Air Services Australia

Charts for New Zealand are available via the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority