HELI Tour 2018

HELI Tour 2018

HELI Tour 2018

Welcome to the HelicopterTour 2018.

HELI Award

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HELI 2018 Legs

Please visit MoDA for the full list of legs.

Heli 2018 Tour Rules

1. Helicopters only.
2. IFR or VFR flight plans accepted.
3. Maximum altitude 10,000ft ASL.
4. Maximum speed 250KIAS.
5. Reporting of winds alofts and disconnections is mandatory.
6. In Flight Plan remarks place XO-HELI18 LEG XX.
7. You must disconnect after each completed leg.
8. ATC is not required for completion of a leg.
9. 1 x sim speed at all times.


Australia Charts available via Air Services Australia

New Zealand Charts available via the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority