Search And Rescue Tour

NOTAM - AU SAR Tour Interface UPDATE

The desktop interface used for the AU SAR Tour 2014 has been updated, please re-download the software via following this link

Search And Rescue


The Australian Division welcomes you to the Australia Division Search And Rescue Tour 2014.
In this tour you will be presented with a number of scenarios that will test your navigational skills and your ability to search the ground whilst maintain flight.
You will need to intercept and/or follow very specific navigational references to locate and identify specific objects along the way.
Can't read or understand your basic navigation instruments? Now would be a good time to start learning the basics (as a minimum) because you will absolutely need them.

Your aircraft must be equipped with the following;
2 x VOR's - VHF Omni Directional Range
1 x Dual DME (Nav 1 and Nav 2) - Distance Measuring Equipment
1 x ADF (Optional - Rotatable Compass Card) - Automatic Directional Finder
1 x Dual Needle RMI is optional. - Radio Magnetic Indicator

If flying a fixed wing aircraft, you must have the ability to fly near stall speed with 2 stage flaps at 500ft to be able to properly see what you are looking for.
Some legs of this tour would be best flown in a Helicopter - particularly when in mountainous terrain - which covers a portion of this tour.
Whilst we do not require you to fly a particular aircraft other than single / twin prop, failure to observe the recommended aircraft in each leg could be detrimental to you completing the leg successfully.

Full Details will be available in the .PDF file which will be included in the download of required scenery, links provided on the Tours System, so do you have what it takes ? What are you waiting for ?

Skyvector Link Containing every leg

Click here to report your flight


The Briefing is in .PDF and can be downloaded Here

The required scenery and can be downloaded Here

Search And Rescue Tour Legs

Leg Departure Airport Flag Arrival Airport Distance
1 YPPF Parafield YREN Renmark 107
2 YREN Renmark YMIA Mildura 70
3 YMIA Mildura YSWH Swan Hill 99
4 YSWH Swan Hill YDLQ Deniliquin 70
5 YDLQ Deniliquin YBDG Bendigo 77
6 YBDG Bendigo YMNG Mangalore 43
7 YMNG Mangalore YHOT Mt Hotham 103
8 YHOT Mt Hotham YBNS Bairnsdale 51
9 YBNS Bairnsdale YMCO Mallacoota 104
10 YMCO Mallacoota YCOM Cooma 86
11 YCOM Cooma YMRY Moruya 62
12 YMRY Moruya YJBY Jervis Bay 52
13 YJBY Jervis Bay YGLB Goulburn 52
14 YGLB Goulburn YWOL Wollongong 54
15 YWOL Wollongong YSCN Camden 31
16 YSCN Camden YBTH Bathurst 64
17 YBTH Bathurst YCUA Cudal 45
18 YCUA Cudal YCDO Condobolin 79
19 YCDO Condobolin YGTH Griffith 91
20 YGTH Griffith YSWG Wagga Wagga 88
Total Leg 20 Legs Total Nautical Miles 1431 nm

SAR Tour Rules

1. You must fly the entire tour at 1x speed.

2. You may pause your flight as appropriate to identify scenery but please keep these to an absolute minimum - say 1 per item to be found. We expect that any pause would not be longer than 1 minute. Longer pauses must be explained before the leg will be approved.

3. The use of slew mode is absolutely forbidden.
Pilots detected using slew mode will have their flight reports rejected immediately.
Any pilot using slew mode during the tour will NOT receive the award however that pilot may re-start the tour again from the begining.

4. You are expected to fly one of the recommended aircraft for each leg. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to identify the target for each leg. It's up to you but you have been warned.

5. Read every leg instructions CAREFULLY before you plan your flight. We recommend that you read the full instructions at least twice before commencing any leg of the tour. If you don't do that, don't complain to us about any issues you may encounter. If we say "LOW AND SLOW" expect to fly just above ground level (up to 500ft) at absolute minimum speed with 2 stage flaps. It is your responsibility to maintain ground clearance.

6. Legs must be flown in order starting from Mission 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you are required to install our scenery which conveniently comes as an automatic installer which will install the scenery for you, all you need to do then is activate the scenery inside your Flight Simulator using the Scenery Libriary.
Like any other windows installer, just follow the prompts. Ensure that your main directory of your Flight Simulator has been found, if not, select the Browse button and manually select it. The Tour Breifing .pdf gives a more detailed answer.
Any single prop such as the C182, C208 or similar with a maximum speed of no more than 160KIAS, and a stall speed of a minimum of 60KIAS (unless otherwise specified in the mission brief), OR If you are flying with a helo, any medium sized helo such as a Puma, Bell 206, A109 with a maximum speed of 150KIAS, that is maneuverable enough to land in restricted areas.
Use of nav aids and intimate knowledge of navigation is mandatory. If you do not know how to navigate using your Nav instruments, then unfortunately you will not be able to participate in this tour.
As this is a search and rescue tour, you will not be exactly sure of where the situation is located. You will need to follow certain navigational tasks to get you in the area where the search needs to take place. The GPS will have trouble doing this.
*cough* ... Next Question ...
You can find several rescources online using Google or YouTube that can demonstrate how to navigate using VOR's and ADF's.
Your Division's Training department may also be willing to assist, you may like to send them an email and request some Nav Training.
You will be awarded 1 SO point and the Division Pilot Skills Award if you successfully complete this tour.
Due to popularity, the tour will remain open indefinately.
No. Our Scenery will give you all you need to complete the tour.
Most Certainly, For FS9 there is VOZ Australis - (Freeware), for FSX/P3D there is FTX ORBX - (Payware)
Maybe Yes, We recommend that all 3rd Pary Scenery be set to default or de-activated whilst participating in this tour.
You can always set it back to your preffered region when not flying a mission.
No. The night missions must be flown at night and prefferably with clear skies.
Make sure you read and completely understand the mission's instructions.
Ensure the scenery is activated and that you see the AU SAR Tour Signs at the departing airport.
Once you have reached the area, perform a grid search and look in all directions, including behind you.
It is also wise to use the other views like Spot and Top Down Views to assist in loacating the scenery.
Try the mission again tomorrow, there may not be any fog or wait until it lifts.
IVAO Australia would like to keep a list of members who fly this tour, the main reason is so we can add the successful pilots to the Hall Of Fame page once they have completed the tour.


Charts for Australia are available via Air Services Australia

Charts for New Zealand are available via the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority

The following members have successfully completed the Australia Division Search And Rescue Tour and have been awarded the "Pilot Skills" Award.
We wish to congratulate them on a job well done !

Successfully Completed

Division Name VID Status Completed
Jean Louis Leborne 245696 Completed 20th June, 2014
David Robinson 147868 Completed 25th June, 2014
Thierry Caestecker 176170 Completed 25th June, 2014
David Kincaid 151398 Completed 04th July, 2014
Sylvain Lecomte 182296 Completed 04th July, 2014
juan ferragut 408108 Completed 05th July, 2014
Floris vander Voorn 260877 Completed 15th July, 2014
Henk Kruijer 170415 Completed 15th July, 2014
Antonio De La Pena Barba 115416 Completed 16th July, 2014
Jacobo Garcia Corvinos 296739 Completed 27th July, 2014
guillermo ferragut 408018 Completed 02nd August, 2014
Constant de Haas 188540 Completed 02nd August, 2014
Oliver Wulf 319629 Completed 05th August, 2014
Sascha Steigenhöfer 164433 Completed 14th August, 2014
Juan Zea Fernandez 279176 Completed 25th August, 2014
Antonio Amoros 205927 Completed 25th August, 2014
Richard Toth 370342 Completed 25th August, 2014
Vladimir Hochmann 383084 Completed 09th September, 2014
Shane Thacker 380740 Completed 09th September, 2014
Cliff Rewald 155817 Completed 10th September, 2014
Harmen Weistra 156857 Completed 19th September, 2014
Tomas Gomez 318064 Completed 19th September, 2014
Victor Marques 165796 Completed 13th October, 2014
Graham Heaven 178529 Completed 18th October, 2014
Wim van der Perk 198420 Completed 31st October, 2014
Antonio Cascella 255651 Completed 12th November, 2014
Jean Louis Zlatan 355834 Completed 16th December, 2014
Nerio Arambulo 397825 Completed 31st December, 2014
Michel Geneste 343753 Completed 07th January, 2015
Nuno Miguel Carneiro 193610 Completed 03rd February, 2015
Patrick Collineau 205697 Completed 23rd March, 2015
Ron Schoss 480735 Completed 23rd March, 2015
Patrice Coulongeat 325111 Completed 22nd May, 2015
Eddy Ruythooren 354131 Completed 10th June, 2015
Manuel Ferreno 126670 Completed 10th June, 2015
Rene Amelot 139738 Completed 12th June, 2015
Koen Roosen 485666 Completed 10th October, 2015
Johan Kotze 454194 Completed 27th April, 2016
Claudio Damiani 161307 Completed 27th April, 2016
Vincenzo Gotta 357269 Completed 27th April, 2016
Adam James 152218 Completed 30th April, 2016
Diego Fraga Fernandez 146796 Completed 03rd May, 2016
Khalid Mohammed 471351 Completed 03rd May, 2016
Shihab MOHAMED 487806 Completed 03rd June, 2016
Jan Jacobs 180942 Completed 18th September, 2017
Claudenir dos Santos 374460 Completed 31st October, 2017
Ricardo Aureliano de Barros Correia 333423 Completed 31st October, 2017