Supersonic Tour 2018

Supersonic Tour 2018

Supersonic Tour 2018

Welcome to the Supersonic Tour 2018.

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Supersonic 2018 Legs

Please visit MoDA for the full list of legs.

Supersonic 2018 Tour Rules

  • All legs MUST be flown online, with "real weather".
  • Each leg has to be flown partly in supersonic because it's a supersonic tour.All legs flown in subsonic only will be rejected.
  • Maximum cruise level is FL600.
  • Maximum speed is M2.0 / Mach 2 during enroute, and 280 KIAS at or below 10000ft (unless otherwise instructed by ATC).
  • All legs must be flown in published order.
  • ATC control is not mandatory.
  • All legs must be flown in "real time" mode 1x simulation rate. No accelerated mode is allowed, use of military and aircraft are FORBIDDEN.
  • A maximum of disconnection 15-20 minutes will be accepted due FS or PC crash reasons (must be stated with time in UTC).
  • Please be careful while filing flight plans. Incorrect flight plans will NOT be accepted.
  • Remember to report legs in UTC and 24 hours format.
  • Flight Plans with Remark "RMK/XOSUPERSONIC LegXX" is MANDATORY.
  • Before taxing out and after parking at the gate or apron you MUST be online for a period of minimum 6 minutes.
  • You must disconnect from the network after each completed leg.
  • Sandbaggers will be excluded from participating in tour.
  • All ICAO codes are accepted in flightplan.
  • If the flight performed in 2 different days (in UTC), flight report must use date of departure, not date of arrival.
  • Charts

    Australia Charts available via Air Services Australia

    New Zealand Charts available via the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority