Ultralight Tour Tour 2018

Ultralight Tour 2018

Ultralight Tour 2018

Welcome to the Ultralight Tour 2018.
Challenging tour of the coast and outback Queensland! Follow the highways like most pilots here do!

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Ultralight Tour 2018 Legs

Please visit MoDA for the full list of legs.

Ultralight 2018 Tour Rules

* Make sure you have all the needed charts for each aerodrome.
* All Legs to be flown online in Real Time using IVAO with valid IFR flight plan.
* In uncontrolled airspace and airfields, intentions must be stated on Unicom (122.80) using IVAP software.
* Times Reported as Follows : Time Off = Take Off Time / Time In = Landing Time.
* Obey 6-minute rule. Departure aircraft - After connecting to the network, your aircraft must be stationary while online, on the apron or gate for a minimum of 6 minutes. Arrival aircraft - After landing and taxi to the apron or gate, your aircraft must be * stationary while online for a minimum of 6 minutes.
* Correct Flight Levels Odd / Even to be observed.
* Max Ground Speed 490 knots. Max Altitude FL400
* Reporting of Winds Aloft mandatory
* Aircraft - Suitable IFR approved aircraft (including Military Aircraft) that are able to use the set airfields.
* Maximum 5 legs per day


Australia Charts available via Air Services Australia

New Zealand Charts available via the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority