V8 Supercars Tour 2015

V8 Supercars Tour 2015

V8 Supercars Tour 2015

Welcome to the V8 Supercars Tour 2015.
This tour will take you on the V8 Supercar circuit around the world.

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V8 Supercars Tour 2015 Legs

Leg Departure Airport Flag Arrival Airport Distance
1 YSSY Sydney YPAD Adelaide 628
2 YPAD Adelaide YMML Melbourne 346
3 YMML Melbourne YMLT Launceston 257
4 YMLT Launceston YPPH Perth 1599
5 YPPH Perth YWTN Winton 1553
6 YWTN Winton YPDN Darwin 918
7 YPDN Darwin YBTL Townsville 1004
8 YBTL Townsville YPDN Darwin 600
9 YPDN Darwin YBTL Townsville 406
10 YBTL Townsville YBBN Brisbane 316
11 YBBN Brisbane YSSY Sydney 306
12 YMML Sydney YMES East Sale 372
13 YSES East Sale NZAA Aukland 1196
14 NZAA Aukland YMAV Avalon 1438
15 YMAV Avalon YSSY Sydney 407
Total Leg 15 Legs Total Nautical Miles 11,850 Nm

V8 Supercars Tour 2015 Tour Rules

All Legs to be flown online in Real Time using IVAO with valid IFR flight plan.
In uncontrolled airspace & airfields, intentions must be stated on Unicom using IVAP software.
Times Reported as Follows : Time Off = Take Off Time / Time In = Landing Time.
Pilots must disconnect 5 minutes between each leg.
Correct Flight Levels OddEven to be observed.
Max Ground Speed 490 knots. Max Altitude FL400
Reporting of Winds Aloft mandatory
Aircraft – Suitable IFR approved aircraft (including Military Aircraft) that are able to use the set airfields.


Charts for Australia are available via Air Services Australia

Charts for New Zealand are available via the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority