VFR Tour 2015

VFR Tour 2015

VFR Tour 2015

Welcome to the VFR Tour 2015.
This tour will take you over parts of Australia using VFR Rules only.

YPKB may also be listed as YPKG

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VFR 2015 Legs

Leg Departure Airport Flag Arrival Airport Distance
1 YPDN Darwin YBRM Broome 601
2 YBRM Broome YPLM Learmonth 526
3 YPLM Learmonth YPPH Perth 589
4 YPPH Perth YPKB Kalgoorlie 290
5 YPKB Kalgoorlie YPAD Adelaide 896
6 YPAD Adelaide YSSY Sydney 630
7 YSSY Sydney YLRE Longreach 726
8 YLRE Longreach YBAS Alice Springs 572
9 YBAS Alice Springs YGTE Groote Eylandt 605
10 YGTE Groote Eylandt YBCS Cairns 566
11 YBCS Cairns AYPY Port Moresby 452
12 AYPY Port Moresby YBHM Hamilton Island 659
13 YBHM Hamilton Island YBBN Brisbane 478
14 YBBN Brisbane NZAA Auckland 1240
15 NZAA Auckland NZWN Wellington 258
16 NZWN Wellington NZQN Queenstown 346
17 NZQN Queenstown YMHB Hobart 927
18 YMHB Hobart YMML Melbourne 332
19 YMML Melbourne YSCB Canberra 253
20 YSCB Canberra YBCG Gold Coast 481
Total Leg 20 Legs Total Nautical Miles 11434 mi

VFR 2015 Tour Rules

* Make sure you have all the needed charts for each aerodrome.
* All legs must be flown in the order given.
* All legs must be flown in real time.
* No slewing to be used.
* Jet up to B738/A320 Maximum.
* No direct flights.
* Reporting of Winds Aloft is mandatory. Legs not automatically validated due to exceeding MAX TAS will be rejected.
* In the case of varying winds report the maximum tail wind.


Charts for Australia are available via Air Services Australia

Charts for New Zealand are available via the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority